Download the Module

Instructions for installation:

Expand this tarball into any useful directory (i.e. /usr/src/) by entering, for most Linux distributions, 'tar xvzf ip_masq_dplay-###.tgz' (replace ### with the proper file name you downloaded). Change to the expanded directory (i.e. /usr/src/ip_masq_dplay-###/) and run 'make' to get a shiny new ip_masq_dplay.o module!

If you are trying to use the precompiled module, simply copy the file into your favorite module directory and use insmod to install it. If you get any version complaints, use insmod --force to force it to load, though there are no guarantees that will work. The module was compiled for a 2.2.14 kernel.

If you have version 3.77 of GNU Make, you may get an error and the Makefile will die on line 15. I don't yet know what is causing this error, but I do know that upgrading to version 3.78 or later will fix the problem. You can get the latest version of GNU Make at this website.